I was born and raised in Detroit MI. I am a father an artist and a builder. With many fires burning I use sculpture, acrylics and photography to express my artistic visions.

My most recent artistic endeavor is a metal three dimensional sculpture called “Plunge”. “Plunge” is my entry into Artprize 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is the result of a vision that came to me while passing by a nearby pond in Brighton, MI. The idea was to create a working piece of art that was not only recognizable, but functional, bringing beauty to the city's centrally located pond as well as aerating the water.

Along with metal sculpture, I also work with acrylics, using traditional tools as well as tools I've made to enhance a contemporary/abstract mindset. I have a small studio where I produce my paintings. I find that changing from one medium to another keeps me rejuvenated.

And finally photography as an art form: I have a uniquely identifiable approach to my twisted landscapes, urban decay, with abstract isolations being a favorite. Much of my time is spent making an art piece or reading and researching how to make or improve a vision that I have. I am always thinking of a new approach to a sometimes old idea!