About the Artist

I was born and raised in Detroit MI. I am a father an artist and a builder. With many fires burning I use sculpture, acrylics and photography to express my artistic visions.

My most recent artistic endeavor is a metal three dimensional sculpture called “Plunge”. “Plunge” is my entry into Artprize 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is the result of a vision that came to me while passing by a nearby pond in Brighton, MI. The idea was to create a working piece of art that was not only recognizable, but functional, bringing beauty to the city's centrally located pond as well as aerating the water.

Along with metal sculpture, I also work with acrylics, using traditional tools as well as tools I've made to enhance a contemporary/abstract mindset. I have a small studio where I produce my paintings. I find that changing from one medium to another keeps me rejuvenated.

And finally photography as an art form: I have a uniquely identifiable approach to my twisted landscapes, urban decay, with abstract isolations being a favorite. Much of my time is spent making an art piece or reading and researching how to make or improve a vision that I have. I am always thinking of a new approach to a sometimes old idea!

My recent accomplishment, from a photographic point of view, can be found in Lenswork issue #95. My Michigan Central Station black and white series was featured in this international fine art photography publication.

You will find many of my acrylics and fine art photographs in homes and businesses throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. I work with numerous home designers, filling a need for original and thought provoking artwork.

I have participated and served in several local art guilds. I have also done some informal teaching of digital photography from an artistic point of view.

About Prints

Using traditional darkroom methods and
digital imaging techniques, I am able
to exercise great precision in moving my
vision to print. Colorfast pigment ink in
unison with acid free cotton heavyweight fine art
papers and canvas allow for expressive control.
The results are a three -dimensional
look and feel, wrapped with perfect color.

* Each print is hand signed and dated.
* Replacement guarantee; We will replace, at no charge, any print damaged in transit.
* Lifetime fade free guarantee; Our museum-grade prints are expected to last well over 100 years and we will replace, at no charge, any print displayed in normal conditions which show fading during the lifetime of the original owner.


Fine Art prints Canvas

11x14 $85 $175
12x18 $100 $200 * Special sizes available on request.
18x24 $150 $250 * Commercial, corporate and private
20x24 $175 $350 packages available.
20x30 $225 $400 * Commissioned work welcome.
24x30 $300 $475 * Framing / matting / stretching, all
24x36 $425 $600 available on request.
32x40 $675 $900
40x50 $950 $1200


10x30 $325 $425
20x60 $650 $775
24x72 $900 $1100
24x84 $1150 $1500
24x96 $1450 $1800